Action Drone Inc. is a global manufacturing and solutions drone company for industrial markets.
We develop new strategies, design unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and deploy our global certified pilot network operations.

Action Drone Inc. was designed to modernize new ways, capturing data from the sky. Since then, we provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and business development solutions, with our modular industrial drones. We help companies and organizations get jobs done safely and efficiently.

Carefully designed, assembled and tested out of San Diego, California, we develop our own high tech small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) to help worldwide clients:
• Save time, money and resources
• Save lives and promote safety
• Increase profits and productivity


UAS Drone Systems

'One drone to rule them all' - said no one ever! Together with our clients, we manufacture our unmanned aircraft systems according to their needs and projects.

Let's Work Together

Contact us to optimize an AD drone for your needs.

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Industrial Training

Don't just buy a drone, invest in the service, people and team who can help develop your drone needs and operations.

Training Packages

Keeping quality high and accurate for specific use cases.

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Our full-service team offers dependable customer service, maintenance, support and business development.

Workforce Development

Integrating drones into workforce operations.

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Please contact Action Drone Inc. to register for land use (no exceptions). Sanctioned by the City of Chula Vista, all companies are required to register and present FAA certifications, insurances and business documents (among other requirements). Unauthorized testing may be cited by law enforcement. Not open to public use.