AD2-X8 V1

Industrial sUAS basic walk-through tutorial

Basic walk-through setup on the AD2-X8:

0:10 Drone Preparation
1:10 Propellers Anatomy
2:16 Motor Orientation
3:19 Propeller Mounting Basics
3:53 Propeller Plates
4:26 Motor-Propeller Orientation Overview
6:06 Mounting Top Propellers
7:49 Mounting Bottom Propellers (assistant variation)
9:43 Pre-flight Checklist, Motor-Prop Confirmation
11:18 Arm Lock Confirmation
11:50 Battery Setup & Tray Lock
14:40 Pre-flight Procedures
15:39 Radio Sticks and Button Configuration
16:29 Co-Pilot Checklist & Safety Check
17:09 Pre-Arming & Arming Drone
17:36 Arming Motors
18:00 Landing

Drone Tools:
2.5mm screwdriver (propeller screws)
2.0 mm screwdriver (top cover screws, if applicable)
Zip ties (battery tray)

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