Research and Development
Original UAS equipment manufacturing
Solutions Designed for Countless Applications and Problems

Development starts by understanding your current problems. We create products around meeting your demands. We design new technology by encompassing the ease of use, training and implementation of this new technology, unique to your company. We build new drone solutions to enhance your efficiency, safety and margins.

Product Design
  • Using AS9100D standards for product design and manufacturing
  • Made for durability, performance, and manufacturability
  • Designs made to accommodate specific requests
Production Planning
  • Easy logistics for decreased production cost with highest quality materials
  • Evaluating, fabricating and applying the design to verify profitability, quality, and production rate
  • Quality management system from AS9100D to formulate manufacturing plan
Contract Engineering
  • Ultramodern engineering technologies to present the most profitable and efficient ¬†combination of quality and service
  • Unique Infrastructure of accessories, tools and machinery to lower production cost
  • Training, Certifying and Managing Engineers to provide cutting edge service
  • Web-Based Project Management System to provide secure and simple communication between the company and contractors
  • Methodical work order for quick execution of planned production
  • AS9100D standards allow for the best management of production
  • Examination and field testing of product to guarantee highest quality