The drone industry is not about the drones – it’s about the people using the drones.

Our mission is to create a simplified drone integration process so global opportunities can be involved in the drone industry.

We do this with training, education and enabling business owners, industry organizations, and municipalities through our unique business development and drone technology strategies.


“We DO the work”

  • Infrastructure Inspections (Wind Turbines, buildings, bridges, wastewater)
  • Volumetrics Mapping
  • Mapping (2D & 3D Orthomosaic, LiDAR) 
  • Surveillance & Recon
  • Surveying


“We SHOW you the work”

  • Construction Progress
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Change Detection
  • Marketing Aerial Photography & Videography


“We teach HOW it works”

  • Training Programs
  • Industry Processes Standardization
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Repairs & Upgrades