AD provides specialized drone training packages to elevate you and your team.


Our unique team of qualified UAS Instructors are Part 107 Certified and AS9100 Certified Internal Auditors. Instructors have successfully demonstrated their knowledge and skills in multi-rotor and fixed wing assembly, manufacturing, repair, operating commercial sensors and specific UAS platforms.


Tailored to specific company parameters. Good for group trainings. Includes drone processes and development to incorporate company-specific needs.

Various drone systems  (Custom,  DJI, or enterprise/ industrial platforms) may be integrated for different types of work, missions and training.


AD-IDT is a highly comprehensive Intense Drone Training course focusing from beginner drone standards to advanced technical tactics  levels.

Students will be in an immersive learning environment that will gear towards rapid memorization and understanding of several important drone concepts, drone flights, and drone practices and processes. Specific drone platforms and sensors may be introduced.


Youth-focused drone classes that emphasize early robotic and STEAM education. Students are able to have a quick class session learning the basic fundamentals of the drone in a fun and safe environment. 

Seasonal* drone educational classes for enthusiasts looking to understand more about drones, components, and flight mechanics.