7 years in the Making

Action Drone turns 7 years old today! In non-COVID times, we would have a giant celebration, toasting and celebrating each other with our friends, family, and business partners. Unfortunately 2020 is not that kind of year. Hopefully soon, we will be able to celebrate the end of this global crisis and turn our attention forward towards new growth and opportunities.

We Are Grateful

Although these times have been difficult, there are still a plethora of things we are thankful for. Seven years in business seems like a blink of an eye, but we would not be where we are today without some luck, strategy, and constant support from our friends, family and business partners.

Our Anniversary Vows!

Every year that comes is a chance for our company to grow. Not just in business but also in culture. As the CEO of Action Drone Inc, I created an anniversary vow. Last year, our vow was to help cultivate the minds of our team members and foster personal growth. This included global travel, exposure to different cultures, learning new skills, and diving into new experiences. I am proud to say this mission of self-growth will continue forever. Last year, for the first time, many of our team members experienced traveling outside of the United States, experienced tasting different foods, learning new cultures, and interacting with different and wonderful people. Some of us chose to learn new skills like flying airplanes, and some took responsibilities in running bigger global projects.

In 2020 we face a unique and unprecedented challenge, both as a company and a society. The global pandemic has brought into focus that we are part of a global community of builders, creators, artists, and dreamers. That community does not end at the walls of Action Drone but continues through other groups and companies that have the same goals as we do. Especially in times of difficulty, where countries build walls and people are divided, we rely on the spirit of those in our community to help guide and push us to be better. This is a lesson that we want to take forward, past the end of the pandemic, divisive cultures, into 2021, and beyond.

Our vow is that we will create a culture that fosters growth throughout our industry and beyond. We vow that we will be facilitators in helping those who can push us forward to help illuminate our own path while paving the path for others to use. In short, we will create a new culture of openness and collaboration.

Action Drone’s unique position to understand the US market and the global drone market, will be used as a stepping stone for companies in the United States and around the world to collaborate and open the new drone industry. This year we have seen an increase in our joint contracts with other companies. We will continue this new culture of collaboration for the rest of our business lives.

I hope that every year brings growth to this company, not just in business but also in life. This must mean that Action Drone will help create a sustainable business lifestyle within the company and its business partners while fostering the betterment of humankind.

Again thank you for your support especially to the AD Team. Happy seven-year anniversary!

Darryl M. Anunciado