Action Drone Inc. and NewBeeDrone Collaboration


Sharing Drone Technology with the Public and Beyond

Chula Vista, CA, July 25, 2017 – Action Drone Inc. (AD), a full-service manufacturing drone company for industrial business developments, announces partnership with NewBeeDrone (NBD), San Diego. This collaboration was created to support the growth of the educational and hobby-based needs expressed in the community, schools, clubs and various organizations.

NewBeeDrone provides drone racing, repair services, race track gate products, and distributes quality remote control products to local and worldwide sport drone racing pilots – from beginner to advanced levels abroad. Their involvement with drone community races and leagues are escalating their reputation among sponsored pilots, social media influencers, commentators and fellow vendors. Alongside sport term “newbie” drone pilots, NewBeeDrone delivers top quality racing drones and parts to drone pilots of all levels.

Kelvin Li, CEO of Newbeedrone says, “We set out a year ago with the goal of making this amazing industry more accessible to everyone. This partnership represents a great step towards that goal and we are proud to be spearheading efforts, pushing the boundaries of flight technology and programs.”

This newfound AD + NDB collaboration effort will be joining forces together, in both fields of the drone hobby and industrial sectors. Action Drone is a growing influential small drone company in the sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) business development industries. While integrating with overlapping markets and industries, Action Drone will be working with NewBeeDrone to serve and promote drone workshops, exhibits, and racing events within educational programs, museums, before and after-school programs.

“We are deeply honored to be leading efforts in creating cutting edge technology programs for students of all ages, in the heart of San Diego – a leading aerospace and military city”, says Darryl Anunciado, CEO of Action Drone Inc.

Action Drone is in development stages with local museums and after-school programs to specifically create the most efficient methodology and best practices for educating about drone technology worldwide. For further information contact:

Darryl M. Anunciado, MBA
CEO, Action Drone Inc

Kelvin Lee
CEO, NewBeeDrone

Photo Credit: Norman Arroyo Photography

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